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How it all started

It was Easter 1985, my husband was ill and I was bored. 

     Reading the 'Woman's Weekly' magazine, I saw a competition in aid of the 'Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund for Children'. It was to knit a Scarecrow designed by Jean Greenhowe. I had never made a toy, but always enjoyed knitting and had plenty of oddments, so that Easter I amused myself making him. To my amazement 3 or 4 months later I received a call to say I had won the competition!  

     I was now hooked, for the first 3yrs I made toys and sold them at school fairs etc, then I started attending Craft Fairs. By this time I was making all types of toys from all sorts of materials.  My Son gave me some mohair and a pattern for Christmas, and I made my first Traditional Teddy. Slowly I became more absorbed in them and started to design my own. Although I was still making other toys the bears were taking over.

The bears I make are limited editions (usually less than 10) or one offs. They usually have machine sewn bodies & legs, all have handcrafted heads and features. The fur is usually mohair, with glass eyes and nut & bolt joints. I like to use flexi limb on some of my dressed bears, as this means they can be posed in more lifelike positions.

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